If we hated TV ads, what makes anyone think we’ll like autoplay?

Everyone groaned when Facebook announced that it was going to roll out video ads that played automatically as you scrolled. I groaned. But that groan is not half as loud as the one I gave when I visit sites like io9 and gizmodo and ABC News, only to be assaulted by a darkened screen and loud sounds from an advertisement I’m forced to watch, or at least actively close, before I can get to what I was looking for. Autoplay is the more high-tech and also more annoying version of what they do at sites such as Business Insider i.e. directing you to a lame-ass quote/ banner ad before redirecting you to the website. Coincidentally, it’s also the more high-tech and more annoying version of television ads, playing for everyone and no one. Come on, guys. We put something on Mars! Let’s do better than that.


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