Word crime #2495: Platishers


Between all the “empowering” and “results-driven optimization” and “leveraging of core competencies”, there appears to now be a new word in the mix – the horrifying amalgamation of publishers and platforms, otherwise known as platishers.


We should really cascade some memos regarding these crimes against vocabulary.

Jonathan Glick came up with the word in a recent post at Re/Code, itself a social media platform as well as a publisher, comparable to other platforms ranging from the wide-ranging Twitter and Facebook, to more content-specific platforms such as Forbes and LinkedIn, to newer brands such as Byliner, BuzzFeed and Vox Media.

A new trend? Sort of – Huffington Post has a similar model since 2005, but it is in the last few years that platishers mentioned above have emerged – clearly there is much room for growth. Ideally, insightful curation, together with unique content and a differentiated brand, will lead to a proliferation of quality writing readers can enjoy. Competition will be tough – between aggregators turned publishers and publishers turned aggregators, companies not involved in journalism will themselves be interested in creating content and telling a bigger story. It may be time we also have a Forgotify for the many posts that are going to go unread in this sea of words.


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